Miynt – Vacation With Bond In South Of France Part 2

Spoiler alert: this is not a James Bond movie's theme. Although it could be. Miynt created her own Bond universe and this is the first single off of that universe (literally, this comes from outer space).

Ph: Linn Koch-Emmery

Since 2016, when Miynt released her debut album, the artist and producer entered easily on the top of up-and-comers for the most notable blogs and magazines, with her debut EP,named EP n.1. Miynt is a Swedish songwriter and producer which we strangely haven’t met before and should obviously be part of our (already extended) list of exciting up-and-comers’ Northern artists.

She quickly entered the Stockholm art scene and have being performing live across the city and country and recently started performing as a 4-piece band. This is due to her growing interest in recording live instrumentals and producing analogically more organic sonorities. The result, obviously, is great. Late April, Miynt released the debut single, Vacation With Bond In South Of France Part 2, for her sophomore EP, based on a “fake movie” of James Bond, written by Miynt herself.

The funny idea was born from a passion she has for Bond’s movies so she decided to create a story that could match Bond’s character: beginning in a space station during the ’60s, she wrote the whole script and soundtrack and this single is part of it. Also, is the only one that belongs to both records, the imaginary soundtrack and the upcoming EP. The song is about the second trip to the South of France that Bond takes during this “movie” (Part 1 might be first trip?). The melody and the song power remit to a proper James Bond movie: it sounds sensual, mysterious and enigmatic, and we start feeling some interest in watching this fake movie.

It’s noticeable the intention of the artist to use organic sonorities and live instruments; the whole song embodies, and we can feel the engagement between all of them as the vocals sound as smooth as possible, whispering, but somehow with a strong identity and a lot of catchy moments.

Miynt’s EP will be out this summer in July and might be the most cinematic and intriguing album you’ll hear this year, with some rock interventions, as well as some pop ones, mixed with gorgeous electronic elements that will take you to outer space. Just wait.