Jenny Kern – Jenny Kern (EP)

Jenny Kern's debut EP is a flawless and heart-full masterpiece.

Photo by Matt Hotlz
Jenny Kern EP

We’ve been holding on this review for at least a month. Since Jenny Kern released her debut EP we’ve listening to it every single a day, at least once. We didn’t want to rush it, because good things should never be rushed. And we feel we were right. As the EP turns familiar, and we sing along each and every turn of each of the four songs, we feel how good and how honest it is. And we feel grateful. And cozy. And fulfilled. So, here it is, one by one, each of Jenny Kern’s first four beautiful songs.

Build A Bridge is a song about how relationships can fall apart if you don’t feel like one when necessary and go the extra mile for the other. It’s about building bridges between two humans. But it’s also a song that does not just promises a meaning. The calm it transmits both vocally and in the slow-but-firm acoustic guitar building can easily capture the lyrical meaning. To that, the track adds a gorgeous simple and strong drumming that echoes in the back but also in our heads (and hearts). Simply putting, Build A Bridge is a song that easily touches one in the heart. And as we said previously, that seems to be Jenny Kern’s specialty. Flawless. 

We have previously talked about Slow Burn. In fact, we should just replicate what we’ve said previously: ” Slow Burn reminds us of the best old times of the 90s where every song that played in the radio sounded coming from the heart and could be sung looking out of the car’s window while thinking about our lives. A gorgeous song that refreshes us and make us feel safe at the same time”. We said it 3 months ago. From there to now, our love for the song has grown and grown and grown. To the point that we are sure this is one of the best songs we’ll hear all year. Period.

From all four, Carousel is probably the most humbling song. Being a song about regret, or about how much you can still love someone that is your life no more. But is not cheesy. Or condescending. Is just honest. The carousel is the carousel of love, of relationships, of people getting right with each other, of daily efforts and day-by-day love. And the track makes us feel like love is easy and effortless. And in that positivism the guitar flow, the gentle synth-based production and effortless-engaging vocals are a perfect fit. 

Old Friend is from the four songs of Jenny Kern’s debut EP the one that takes the longest to grow on the listener. Having said that, is probably the one that will take the longest to get out of a true listener’s heart. Its slow-building feels a treasure, and the track punches intensity second after second until it turns evident how strong it actually is. Jenny says this is a track inspired by Fleetwood Mac’s type of composition. A sort of a tribute. But this track about fighting depression is more than that to us. The guitar solos and the production is tasteful and of the great sensitivity. And, flawless.

Meet Jenny Kern. One of our’s 2019 obsession. In full detail. A marvelous EP that makes us feel like home can be elsewhere, and that love can be found in a stranger’s voice. And what else can we ask from music?

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