Elkvilla – Through The Winter/Sink

An album that will be the perfect soundtrack for the winter, inspired by a small house in Berlin. But until the album doesn't come, here are Elkvilla's first two ever songs.

It’s always difficult to choose a song to write about amongst the hundreds we receive every week, but sometimes it becomes really easy and this was one of those times. From Sidney we received the debut single from Adam Dudek’s solo project, Elkvilla, called Through The Winter. It was almost love at first (sight) listen.

Adam is an Australian-born producer who lived in Berlin and payed his “homage” to his humble house there by writing and recording it an album. Through The Winter is a song about the cold, not only physically but emotionally too, “But what will keep me warm through the winter?” is the motto to the chorus and to the whole song as he sings whispering, with a freezing voice about that empty feeling of a break-up and how empty the room becomes too. What starts as a folky song with almost only guitar and vocals, immediately grows and turns itself into a space deep and instrumentally abstract song. The echoed vocals and strident riffs embrace all the room and transports us to out of it, escaping the claustrophobic room the lyrics are about.

This month Elkvilla released another single, Sink. Here the folk presence is more noticeable and influences like Justin Vernon and Death Cab For Cutie are present in his guitar chords. The theme seems to remain the same but Adam appears to be more confused now: the song is about going for the unknown, getting lost after a loss. And it all keeps being too cold. “Ending a week is like starting one, For I see nothing ahead. An empty flat and frozen food, and those pictures of you.” We all seem to enjoy others’ sadness; we find beauty in breaking apart, and music is the best example of that. Elkvilla apparently is all about that and we feel sadistic for loving it, as he sinks in the sea.

Every month Dudek is launching a song until the whole album is out. It will be Elkvilla’s debut album and he promises it will be the perfect soundtrack for the cold snowy winter. We just can’t wait for that! The cold, the snow… the winter and a glass of wine.