[TGIF] Changes and Alibis

Not actually Friday but this selection will be your best week kick-off.

We’ve never been so into new music as we are right now. We’ve been discussing that between us, and we feel WtMM is now officially lost in the middle of hundreds of indie treasures. Every time we try to compile week releases into a playlist like this one that only means we found a set of songs that moves us more than the others. And we just can’t hide from them. We think nobody should. These are 8 new indie no-brainers:

Stephen Day – 22 And Some Change

There are songs that sound right from the first moment. Stephen Day has that John Mayer like touch and tender vocals, and his newest song is probably the best demonstration of that. 22 And Some Change sounds indie-jazz but also pop. Is easy to listen to, has gorgeous vocals all over it, and the melody is one made to listen to time and time again. If we add to all this the honest lyrics about the vulnerabilities of growing up… it’s a winner in all our books.

Sophia Bel – Don’t Forget

Talking about vulnerability and likeability… Meet Sophia Bel gorgeous tone and whispering melodies. Don’t Forget It was released a bit more than a week ago and brings to our musical brain and heart all we love about indie-pop gone sensible: engaging hooks, soft-guitar skills, some ever-melodious vocals and an immense sense of good taste on how words should be sung. And catchy, catchy, catchy.

Anthony Lazaro – Late Night Alibi

We had the honor of premiering an Anthony Lazaro song, and we feel every blog that likes to call itself a music blog should pursue that. The dreamy quality of this Italian singer-songwriter is evident on any of his songs but lately, it seems to be becoming some sort of legendary. Late Night Alibi is a dreamy pop-folk song that sounds ever-lasting both in the way it lets its melody be partially imaginative and in the way the other half sounds gorgeously overflowing. And the more you listen to it the more it will become part of you.

maxd – wys

Maxd is Maxime Trippenbach, a Canadian electronic-producer that like some hundreds of new indietronica composers is trying to sound unique and at the same time familiar enough to sound instantaneous. Unlike most of those hundreds, Max does just that. wys is the best way to show you all just that. Being part of what seems to be a contender to the best EP of the year, this is a song that perfectly balances electronic elements, with pop abundance, catchy hooks, dancing no-brainers and an intentional tension that keeps us hooked into it from start to end.

Zanzinger – Self-Portrait at 24

Daniel Micsota is Hungarian and is the man behind Zanzinger. Printing his voice like Cat Stevens, sometimes and other times sounding like José Gonzalez, he explores his techniques and skills to give some kind of psychedelic profound ambient to his music. Self-Portrait at 24 combines a repetitive yet contagious and energetic drums with melodic and abstract flutes and guitars. This intriguing sonority gives Zanzinger a taste of 60’s/70’s classics and it can easily be on your weekly playlist. It’s in ours!

Big Bend – Can’t Get Around

Picture yourself somewhere between Local Natives and James Blake. Now rearrange that and try to imagine something totally new. The result will probably be this Can’t Get Around from Big Bend. Nathan Phillips is from Ohio and is the guy behind this highly cinematic sonority. With some music backround from his mother, he started early connecting with music, playing the piano. His classical knowledge is now perfectly connected with electronic elements and some post-dubstep sense of deepness. Can’t Get Around is a beautiful chilled song for every ocasion.

Participant – Medicine

Soft vocals and heavenly instrumentals, Participant presents his Medicine to all of us. This is not a simple folk song: this brings novelty to a string-melody, unexpected aproaches and instruments. Stephen Tiernan is Irish and is singing to the world, healing everyone with pure magic and uplifting Medicine. The lyrics are personal but eventually relatable to some of you; the melody will crush into every single heart as it did to ours.

RIDER – Tell Nobody

Nothing has left to say about RIDER. One of the most exiting voices and inditronic projects coming from London (actually born in the US, Philly). RIDER is a producer and multi-instrumentalist exremely talented, who builts her music around addicting and danceable sonorities, with love and brokenhearted themes, just like Tell Nobody and Hurts Me Too: while Tell Nobody is pop and brings everyone to the dancefloor, Hurts Me Too is more introspective and a bit contemporary R&B vibe. A fresh and colorful environment growing around her music  puts her in the top charts including our!