[TGIF] Armoured Mangos

Collecting great songs released in the last couple of months, these are 8 perfect songs.

Armoured Mangos TGIF

Some time has passed since we put up a nice compilation of songs that have been released recently. This Saturday we’ve could not let it pass any longer. So, as a proper rendition to great songs that were released on the last 2 months that we’ve not posted about yet (but should have), here is a proper compilation that you won’t want to miss. And probably the strongest TGIF we’ve ever done:

Ruby Empress – Armour

There’s a pop-tronic trio that’s pushing Swedish music further, their name is Ruby Empress and they definitely will impress you more than you can imagine. Armour is the first single of their forthcoming album TRANSSYMBOLISM which will be released in June and until then expect one single released per month, starting next week with Geist. The trio formed by Tom Serner (lead vocals), Axel Agervi (keys) and Melker Petterson (guitar) seem to be a dance-pop band sounding like if techno-house had a child with space-indie. It really doesn’t matter how we define their sonority, the important thing is that Armour sounds great, it’s the perfect track for a pre-party, a wake-up call, for running, and even for the peak of the party. Well, it’s perfect for every ocasion.

Jennifer Kamikazi – You & I

We’ve been remembered of how much we enjoy the simplicity and power of unique vocals every time we listen to the beautiful Jennifer Kamikazi. You & I has in fact been released at the start of the year, but it has been a song we’ve seen ourselves listening to again and again and again. And as Jennifer released another song recently (Start Again) we’ve found ourselves in owe of the love we have for You & I. This is how romantic songs should always sound: honest, gorgeous, simple and inspiring.

Gracie Hays – I Think I died

In a soft and soothing fingerpicking, Gracie Hays presents I Think I Died, a pop-ish ballad, a love song, just like the classics. But she doesn’t go the easy way: Gracie exports her music to a spectrum that goes from the angelical and naïve pop-folk to a darker side of her voice. Just like love is, she sings in an unpredictable way, running away from the classics. She stops and accelerates the song with the lyrics and that’s music’s magic. Speaking about that, don’t hesitate and listen to Hays’ repertoire and find out her magic and gorgeous folk. This is a hymn for the ones in love so go ahead and play this song to your lover this weekend.

Alex McArtor – Burning Fleeting Love

For a 16 year-old girl, Alex McArtor, a singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas, has an old soul as she sings with such power and emotion, it seems she’s being doing this for too long. Burning Fleeting Love is a mature song, slightly sounding like Portishead’s trip-hop with a touch of soul/blues. The song seems to be in the same stage the whole time, but in fact it is growing until it reaches its pick with a raw guitar solo. It’s quite amazing how a teenage girl can sound so secure and sexy uplifting her powerful voice. Thankfully this is not the only song we have to hear from her as she put out her debut album Spoken Word, a 5-piece album, as good as you can imagine. We’re sure this is the most surprising thing you’ll hear this weekend.

Darcie – Mango

Pop can be represented in many ways, probably is the most general music genre, and to prove how general it can be, and yet so defying, we present you Darcie, a pop duo from Manchester. Mango is a pop-ish song, dynamic and rich in terms of instrumental arrangement, sounding a bit like some indietronic samples, but that’s only the catchy element of the song. Zigi Porter’s voice and Tom Donaldson’s completing the choir, elevates the song like it didn’t need anything else. In fact, the song is coherent and full-bodied, and by that we mean it sounds as a well-oiled machine. Definitely this is a song to be on top of every summer playlist (summer is coming!). By the way, there’s an EP coming too, so stay tuned.

Juinfall – Look A Bird!

For the ones who like Patrick Watson and Glen Hansard, this one is for you: Look A Bird! is a smooth and beautiful experimental folk track. Juinfall is not only writing folk music, he is exploring technology and mixing his skills to create a unique environment and exceptional feelings by listening to his music. His falsetto is whispery and elegant, just like his guitar, but everything goes further when transforms his melody and melancholy into a hybrid song with some distorted sonorities. This is abstract and at the same time is storytelling, it’s the kind of song that we can listen as much as we want and will always find it pleasant and will feel different feelings.

CUTTS – Breathe

Talking about sweet and cathartic romantic songs… CUTTS’ Breathe is a power ballad to which we can only found similarity in London Grammar’s oldest songs. And saying that is a lot since we are talking about one of our ever favorites albums. CUTTS sonority founds itself in the incredibly gorgeous and powerful vocals perfectly in line with a super melodic (but simple) piano basis. And in the magical progression of their songs. And just like that good music seems so easy to achieve.

Poor Reflection – The Light 

Turning our head around with the way indie-pop progression is still something so difficult to sound right and natural are Poor Reflection. The Light mixes bits of indie rock and a tasteful voice in such a natural and smooth way that we feel we were born out of an indie pop atmosphere. Poor Reflection achieves a kind of sonority that at the same time respects the 80’s and 90’s indie pop bands we love so much and at the same time, it sounds fresh and current. And when we think we have all figured out, they change it again. And feels natural again. We wonder how this kind of songs is so rare nowadays. Feels just right.

WtMM team