Katie Wood – Permanent Job

Meet Katie Wood and her ability to wonder in her Permanent Job.

Katie Wood Permanent Job New Secret

Out of no where comes (well not really, she comes from London) Katie Wood, a breath of fresh air to the indie music panorama. Her total-indie vocal reach sounds both quircky and competent, with heaps of rock attitude and reminding us of some of our dearest classics.

Permanent Job is her first ever advance but one that can’t disguise her general sonority as one above the average. She says the track is about trying to pursue a career but keeping a day job from 9 to 5. And as we relate to that more and more, we also feel this is a track where it is quite easy to lose yourself until you find yourself. The chorus is catchy as hell, and the way the vocals sound charming but raw, distinct and constantly reinventing the melody, it’s from a genius singer.

Definitely among the most exciting debuts of the year. There is not much more information at the moment about her. Having said that. Meet Katie Wood. We would advise you to follow her very closely: