Victor Furbacken – Flows

Victor Furbacken third EP sounds like a soul saviour.

Victor Furbacken Flows

There are songs that make us some genuine good to the soul. It has been a complicated week for us, a good friend has passed away way too early, and going past that is certainly among the most difficult things we have ever experienced. But in comes Victor Furbacken‘s gorgeous deep vocals and folk-rock lullabies to the saving. Flows definitely feel like a saving song.

Part of Victor’s third EP with the same name, Flows starts it all in a meditative fashion that sounds close to the heart and that can really easily gets into the mind too. The vocals and the guitar-based melody have a perfect marriage and never sound too simple but keeping everything familiar and overall easy and engaging to hear. Ultimately a romantic song, Flows talks about how when the magic is gone there are so many things to hold on, and in that sense, it works so many different ways that everyone will relate to. For us, it feels like a mourning song right now. One that lights up everything and makes us feel a bit more at ease with it all. 

Following Flows, there are 3 other great songs.

With Love is, even more, a Folk based song and contemplates Victor’s higher vocal tones (almost falsetto). A constant song that keeps more-or-less the same melody from start to end but never really drops the intensity. A soft but engaging lullaby that feels like a gentle breeze. One of those that feels calming to the entire self.

The Fire showcases a third distinct vocal registry from Victor, a bit more dreamy and vague, intentionally echoed, but once again constantly lullaby and soul-fulfilling. The song grows from start to end. And the chorus sounds powerful and almost classical.

And When We Meet, turns down the pace and focus more on the lyrics. Victor Furbacken capability to make the listener focus on every single word and turn is one that rare singers have. When We Meet sounds a bit more Ryan Adams in the way it sounds acoustic and genuine and keeps the Sweedish capacity to lullaby the entire World with a romantic (sad-ish) song.

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