EllaMaeFlossie – Home

LiKWUiD is already an interventive and artivist rapper but her new project EllaMaeFlossie will shake the whole world (not only dancing).

Photo by: Sandy Girlnyc

In times that radicalism and xenophobia are taking place facing equality and peaceful movements around the world, music is –once again– the answer we all need to fight for love. Rapper, producer and songwriter LiKWUiD joined forces with Zaven Embree and Willie Green and together created EllaMaeFlossie, an interventive band intentionally breaking the boundaries between every ideology, through music.

Their second single is Home, a frenetic and exhausting (in a good way) jazz-fusion, a mix between hip-hop, jazz, R’n’B and funk. LiKWUiD’s vocals are sexy, raw and elegant and it engages so perfectly with the unstoppable drums and free sax. Actually, the whole dynamic is incredibly well structured and enters every soul as a virus. It begins as a smooth soul song but quickly turns into an electrifying tune, a frenetic instrumental with a beautiful soul backing vocals and of course LiKWUiD’s unforgettable voice.

The song is completely unpredictable, just like a jazz one should be, sometimes sounding like Snarky Puppy, then suddenly it breaks and after a couple of seconds, it returns as an ecstasy-like funky sax solo. “You’re my home” is one of the first verses she sings and not only it is the name of this track but also a good motto when you’re afraid of the world outside. It’s good to feel home in someone.

Not for you all: LiKWUiD has a vast work to pay close attention and this newbie EllaMaeFlossie is one of those works you better stay tuned!