LPX – Junk Of The Heart

Lizzy Plapinger is half of MS MR and is LPX. Pretty exciting right from the start. So here it is her brand new EP.

Photo: Marv Watson / Red Bull Sound Select

We mention a lot MSMR, they’re one of our favorite pop-tronic duos, and finally, here we are writing this review. It’s not MS MR, but it’s half of it. LPX is Lizzy Plapinger, the lead vocal of the duo and this time she’s presenting herself as a solo act, releasing last month her sophomore EP, a 4-track album counting with completely different songs from one another.

Last year she revealed Might Not Make It Home, a more rocker song opening with a raw guitar, echoed vocals and strident drums. Her pitch reminds the times of MS MR: direct, sharp and powerful. But melodically and instrumentally she’s brand new; she reinvented herself, sounding more defying and challenging. This song actually proceeds to Black & White, a composition built as a hymn, a majestic opening with imposing synths and noisy sounds and powerful drums, just like the greatest hits from the ’80s. This track is highly influenced by artists like Peter Gabriel or Prince and the result is not too much dated as Lizzy’s vocals give it a modern touch.

So earlier this year Give Up The Ghost, the closing song of the EP, and comes out as the second single off of the EP Junk Of The Heart, and this one turns it in a completely different direction. It’s more pop-ish, more melodic and danceable; Lizzy makes it complex and tries to balance her powerful and unique voice with the electrifying instrumental. Give Up The Ghost is a love song for ourselves, the ignition for after a break-up, as she says, “the action, affirmation, and reflection of letting go and moving forward. Fresh starts from burnt ends.”

The fact is that the whole song reflects good energy, positivity and above all the lyrics are uplifting and pragmatic, which follows in a coherent way the idea of moving forward and understanding. “Nothing left for our egos to prove” is the end of a relationship or –more clearly– the end of a period of blindness and trying to fix it and so she ends almost every verse with “I’m done”.

Last but not least (literally), Falling To Fall is the third single being released and the third track of the EP. Abit like Give Up The Ghost, this is a more dance-pop, probably the most commercial song of it all. The chorus is immensely addictive and even though she says “I’m running out of options”, it actually shows, musically, that this is not true: the pop approach is not as pop-ish as it may seem and her vocals had a different arrangement, comparing with the other three songs, sounding more naïve and fresh. At some point, the song abruptly breaks for the bridge and that mysterious sonority transforms the melody right in the perfect time, not letting it become that predictable.

Overall, LPX is as exciting and metamorphic as we could expect, after leading the enthusiastic and dynamic duo MS MR. The singer-songwriter is making her mark as a very influencing musician but not only that since she’s also the co-founder of the New Gold Records, the label of bands like Christine and the Queens, HAIM, Charli XCX, , Tove L, and Marina and the Diamonds.

The only thing we can add is that if you’ve never heard about MS MR you should do it asap, and at the same time, don’t miss a thing about this Lizzy’s solo project LPX as it will be for sure playing in every radio station, wherever you are.