From New York to Vietnam; this new hip-hop duo is taking over the international scene.

During music festivals, I try my best to dip my toe into different genres and styles of music I don’t normally listen to. Being a fan of soft rock and slower tunes, it’s always a joy to branch out into something faster and upbeat which is why for my last day of the conference, I headed over to the hip-hop showcase at The Main II for a variety of foreign performances. After listening in on a few sets, I was blown away by one duo that stole the night; New Fame.

Originally from New York, the now Vietnamese crew is consisted of two females; Adrienne Mack-Davis and X Feleciacruz. 

Their performance has peaked as one of my favorite of the entire festival. Aside from the fact that hip-hop female singers are rare to come across, these two dominate the entire scene. During their set Saturday night, Feleciacruz and Mack-Davis brought passerbys in from outside with their ecstatic energy and significant amount of talent. At the end of their short set, the venue was pack while the crowded rooted for more. 

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve had a likening for any sort of rap/hip-hop and New Frames has opened up my mind to a whole new platform of sound. 

Be sure to check out their music on Spotify and watch as they take over the scene!

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