Lisbon International Music Network (MIL) – The Most Promising

Lisbon is live, and these are the ones not to miss!

MIL the most promising WTMM

Still in the rebound of SXSW, in the next days, we face our own new favorite festival in Lisbon. The Lisbon International Music Network books all the concert spaces in one of the most emblematic areas of Lisbon, the Cais do Sodré for 2 nights of live concerts featuring acts from all over the World. The evident focus on African and Brazilian roots is merged with acts from almost any place in the World. With the festival growing from one year to another, these are our ten main picks for the festival.


Only needing some brief moments on every track to give us the chills and make us dance at the same time, 2de1 (2of1 in English) are two Brasilian twins who mix African nuances, with RnB, pop, and electronics in such a way we have never heard anything like it before. With the full lyrics in Portuguese you don’t really need to understand what they are singing about to feel the power and the feeling. And that’s what music is all about.

Beatriz Pessoa

We’ve talked about and to Beatriz Pessoa when we were only about one year old has a blog. Therefore, it’s with somewhat a lot of pride we see her featuring at MIL. The jazz-infused vocals and the way she lullabies every single word in a song always leaves us breathless and in love. Evolving as one of the strongest new Portuguese voices, and with a new album fully sung in Portuguese, she keeps the good vibes. She keeps the magic within. And we are looking forward to listen to her once again.


Bluish is one of those bands we should have talked already on our Portuguese Express column. But unfortunately, we did not. Funny enough, we have been listening to their gorgeous dream pop for several months now, mainly because it’s hard (or impossible) to let it go. With the vocals sounding ever evolving, and the echoing vibes always sounding close to the heart, this duo is set to wonder our mind and soul in every single track. Innovative and barrier breaking. But also warming and familiar.

Ghost Of Christmas

The French are the kings of modern electronics. That we already know. Ghost Of Christmas is by that notion the perfect representation of electronics at MIL. Martin Mey’s strong and sure vocals always sound magical when merged with the bass-electric elements of Gaël Blondeau, and songs like Awake tend to sound cozy and adventurous at the same time. With an apparently effortless way of getting into every listener head, this is one not to miss.


Now for something completely different, Melquiades is an indie-rock Portuguese band that focuses on achieving an ever-evolving sonority. Merging almost classical guitar and drum basis with a plethora of uncommon and disrupting elements, this is one act to discover and to let yourself be invaded with. Contagious and innovative, that’s what we expected of Melquiades.


With one of the most incredibly unique vocals of the whole festival, NEEV high tone and capacity to do melodies with almost every breath of air can sound as overwhelming as embracing. With a repertoire that can attract a lot of commercial-inclined crowds while keeping a well-structured indie vibe and even an experimental grasp, this is one to captivate everyone. And to say there is a lot of expectation to experience his vocal reach is an understatement. Prepare to be amazed.

Octa Push

We’ve previously talked about Octa Push. Simply put, every single time these guys play at a Portuguese festival we are there. And every single time, they put a show that not even the least dancing individual can resist. Very well established in the Portuguese scenery, its songs like Please, Please, Please that perfectly illustrate how beats, electronics, African rooted elements, and an immeasurable set of cultural elements are integrated into perfection. If we could give the World to only one Portuguese band, we would give it to Octa Push. 


Buraka Som Sistema was one of the most successful Portuguese bands in the last decade. It’s not surprising then, that every previous member of Buraka has been turning into great singular acts. Pongo is the latest of those elements. Described as the renovation of kuduro, but going further into electronics (like Buraka did) and filled with hooks, turns, and powerful beats, this is one to make the masses dance. Hard to describe, but very easy to relate and remember, Pongo keeps the African roots but sounds modern and as innovative as it gets.


If we talk about phenomenons we have to talk about Rubel. Counting 35M views in the video for his breaking song Quando Bate Aquela Saudade, this is what Brasilian Folk sounds like. Ever melodic, melancholic balanced, filled with hope and positive vibes. And of course as romantic as it gets. Rubel’ songs sound naturally heartful and invite us to dance with the one we love. Gorgeous and heart-warming. And you don’t even have to understand the lyrics (but we recommend you try to). Rubel show should be packed. We will try to arrive early.

Someone Who Isn’t Me

From Greece comes Someone Who Isn’t Me, a project formed by three women who act like a homage to past analog sounds and at the same time plays around with a whole other lot of unique modernity elements. Sounding at times atmospheric, others 80s like, and others Tron-like futuristic, this is a concert to discover and find yourself at open-minded. But also one to dance, contemplate, reflect and even dream out loud. 

WtMM Team