WAFIA playing in a church was surreal good.

Day four and still going strong. After spending a majority of Thursday baking in the Texas heat at Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, I headed downtown to catch a handful of artists throughout the night. 

First stop was St David’s Historic Sanctuary to catch a variety of pop artists. 

Something special about SXSW is its intertwined community contribution to transform the entire city into a complete convention. You’ll see everything from abandon buildings to clothing store, transformed into top notch venues. With that being said, I found my favorite venues to be the Churches. 

It was 11 O’clock when Wafia took the stage. The pilers were packed with people and the blue lights spotlighted the groups presence. Without missing a beat, Wafia exerted all of her energy onto the platform and had the crowd up dancing on their feet. A few songs in, you completely forgot you were in a church as more passersby joined in on the party. 

Starting back in 2015, WAFIA‘s audience has grown large with tens of millions of listeners on Spotify and it was exciting to see her international following Thursday night in such a packed venue.

If you haven’t already, check her newest release I’m Good to get a sense of all the power she gave us:

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