Delafaye – Godspeed

Melancholic, electrifying and engaging. This is Delafaye.

Delafaye Godspeed

“Godspeed, she said to me, the air down here is killing me.”

I still remember the first time I heard The War on Drugs. Until that point I felt alternative music was one plethora of things. From that point on, I felt everything could be more rock based, more guitar based, and still sound story-telling and melodic at the same time. Even though that’s one of the most difficult things to achieve when producing a song. Well, Delafaye certainly has that whole package right.

Just like its chorus, Godspeed is an immediate song. A folk-rock melancholic lullaby that feels both tender and engaging, and that never really varies too much, but manages to keep its melodic charge right where the heart is. The video of the song illustrates the story of an astronaut and how hard it is to say goodbye of the one we love when we are on a mission around earth. It tells the story of the astronaut who is struggling to stay, but also struggling to leave. But we also feel it tells the story of the girl who feels empty when all of a sudden that one person that is her best friend goes away, until she recognizes where he is, and how much she feels embraced even away. A video that is the perfect marriage to the song.

Delafaye resurfaces after four EPs, and Godspeed is the third advance of his long await debut album set for release in the fall of 2019. The first two advances entitled Acid Tongue and Cigarettes and Coffee are two other solid folk-rock anthems that use is rough voice, echoing guitars and overwhelming melancholy to achieve a flamboyantly classic and engaging sonority.

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