Narou & James Chatburn – Oblivious

Oblivious feels right in an instant.

Narou James Chatburn Oblivious

It’s like Austria and Australia were always meant to be together. The similarities in the names are also evident in both Narou and James Chatburn RnB meets electronics meets pop sonorities. And the magical coincidence of crossing paths last year in Berlin, just gave its first fruit.

Chet Faker and Honne similarities are never too much when a song sounds as good as Oblivious. Piano infused at the beginning, and with vocals sounding nurtured and full of soul, the song is hard to let go from the very first notes. The falsetto in the chorus makes it impossible to let go. And the track that talks about uncertainty and rough times in a relationship always sounds smooth and right. You’ll be singing it in an instant. 

And the vibe between both artists is so evident, that here is a live version (live at Red Bull Music showcase in Berlin) of the gorgeous track to perfectly illustrate that (you may want to turn up the volume).

Narou :  

James Chatburn: