Sabiyha – Hollow Bones

Hollow Bones, the debut EP from Sabiyha is everything but hollow.

First things first. Sabiyha was one of last year headlights. If we did not make a notice out of that, shame on us. We’ve previously written about her beautiful release with Bird. But we should have written about many others. Among those, we should have written about her debut EP. And as we did not, we feel it is better late than never. 

Secondly, and considering the previous disclaimer, Sabiyha is the first ever artist to be feature in our blog twice as a New Secret. Unexpectedly she is still a secret to most mortals. But as you progress through this text, if you hit play on every single song, you’ll get why she is a precious one.

Bird is actually the start of it all. Reminding what we said previously: “Bird is a light and dark sequence of watery ripples that explores heartbreak and momentum. Sabiyha sings several times the name the EP stating she has “hollow bones, portraying the endless void that we are left with after a heartbreak.”

When Letter starts, we hear a typical folk-rock guitar that get us into the proper mood. But perhaps, sooner than expected, we also hear Sabiyha vocals. Old style, no props, no modifiers, clean production without vocal changes or amplifications. Full power on, phenomenal vocals. The song really sounds like a proper Letter. Composed from the heart, without changing the cadence and narration very much. Her voice is like a pen flying through the paper. Honest and eager to send the message. Beautiful and raw.

A bit like Letter, Still also sounds raw and honest, but with some more melodies and changes going on. With the vocals sounding a bit more on the Americana-folk side, the song circulates through to find itself every-time on her vibratos and gorgeous vocal corners.

Five Months is again another song that instrumentally does not need much. But when it varies there is a Jazzy vibe going one. Originally only a guitar, the song evolves with the incorporation of some more strings in the back. The whole time Sabiyha goes high and low with no apparent difficult, singing her heart out like it’s just another day. Five Months seems to be a sad song, about some regret and mistakes of past relationships. But as the vocals are all over all the beautiful corners of ones’ soul. It seems everything was worth it after all. 

And then Wolf. Probably the one that sounds the most theatrical. But also in a good sense. Always evolving but with those little tender spaces to recall Sabiyha vocals as a home. There are even some male vocals in the background as the song progresses. Quite deep, almost unnoticeable. Very clever as they really further build up the whole sonority. Wolf sounds a bit like the transformation between man and wolf, and a full moon looking down upon us. 

There is a small change between each song that incorporates Hollow Bones. It’s just like every bone that is part of us. Every each of them has a function. In Hollow Bones, we are not sure about the purpose, but we know this is a modern masterpiece and a crazy good debut EP. And ultimately that’s why we could not hide about writing about it. Soon she will be big, we just know it.

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