SXSW Day 2: Low Cut Connie

All photos by Ryan Rose
All photos by Ryan Rose
As you may know, SXSW is every music fanatics dream. Whether you're a band, artist or just enjoy listening in; it's almost a necessity to partake in the conference once in your life. During the week, we're hopping around, attempting to catch as many up and coming artists distributed across the city and featuring our top picks of the week. 

If you ask some folks, they’ll tell you Rock and Roll is dead. After tuning into the most energetic set I’ve seen in years, I can validate that those folks are wrong. I introduce to you; Low Cut Connie. 

Day two at SXSW was an overwhelming one. Too many venues, too many artists. It’s a good kind of overwhelming. Talking around to a few music heads while wandering the streets, I was directed to go checkout the Nine Miles Records and Tour Showcase located on the outside stage of Mohawk. It was a packed lineup of true rockers from across the US. Chris Staples (Seattle, WA), Spiral Stairs (Stockton,CA), Sweet Spirit (Austin, TX) are a few to name. 

As 11PM rolled around, Low Cut Connie took the stage. Labeled as ‘One of the most exciting live shows in the US’, the Philadelphia Rock band exceeds what it means to be a rockstar. With their honkey tonk keys, blueSy riffs, and classic vocals, it was easy for me dig their classic sound. Also, in addition to their excessive talent, Adam Weiner truly knows how to work a crowd. One moment he’s standing on top of the piano, performing a foot solo, then he’s catapulting off the stage, hugging every person as he runs around the venue.

If it’s one thing daunting about music festivals, it’s the shorts sets and this is one performance I never wanted to end.  Luckily, Low Cut Connie plays a few more showcases before heading back on the road. 

Thu, 3.14 – SPICEWOOD, TX – Luck Reunion 5:10PM

Fri, 3.15 – AUSTIN, TX – The Current’s Dayparty at Barracuda 5PM

Sat, 3.16 – AUSTIN, TX – Lucy’s Fried Chicken 6PM