SXSW DAY 1: Divino Niño

As you may know, SXSW is every music fanatics dream. Whether you're a band, artist or just enjoy listening in; it's almost a necessity to partake in the conference once in your life. During the week, we're hopping around, attempting to catch as many up and coming artists distributed across the city and featuring our top pick of the week. 

With that being said, meet Divino Niño.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, this 4 piece indie group had me transported into a dreamlike universe. Since their start in 2013, the band has released two fantastic albums. With multiple vocals, ambient synth, and soft stage presence, it’s an easy listen for any sort of crowd to partake in. 

The band continues on their SXSW venture with two more shows:

March 13 @ 720 CLUB — Set time 9:00pm-9:40pm                                                  March 15 @ Hotel Vegas — Set time 1:00am-1:30am                    

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