[PREMIERE] Minru – Windmills

Windmills sounds like a neo-folk melancholic happiness that makes us fall in love with Minru.

Photo by Juliette Breig Kral
Minru Windmills Premiere

Who is Minru? She presents herself as a Swedish-born Berlin-based songwriter, producer, and musician. In her words, her sonority is a kind of neo-folk.

We can say before you listen to any of her songs that it’s incredible how much indie talent exists in the Nordic countries of Europe. We’ve talked about that multiple times now. And when all seemed to have started (here at WtMM) with Tuvaband, it’s when we were pointed to Minru’s delicacy and happy melancholy. Even more fun if we acknowledge that Minru plays bass for Tuvaband, but wanted for the indie music world to get familiar with her magical words too. And we are doing graces she did.

Windmills is the first song you should listen from Minru. Being part of her upcoming EP entitled Yearnings (released today). The song first magical “dust” sounds like an Imogen Heap wondering formula. But then the vocals get into the song, sensible words, one after the other, a sort of Nordic story-telling. Both folk and dream pop (the so-called neo-folk). It is a formula we can’t quite describe.

Windmills is also in itself an hard to decipher formula. But one that feels very genuine and rewarding to listen to. The track grows from the first instance, and never really repeats itself. As the song progresses and we recognize the vocals and the lyrics coming back into our ears, we also notice the instrumentals change. Every single time the instrumentals change. First, there is a guitar. A gorgeous circular guitar melody. Then, a glorious piano. In the end, everything transforms itself even more. A sort of instrumental overflow. A glorious one.

And when Minru says it is about loss “I imagine it as traveling to country very far away. You’re traveling through foreign lands, perhaps on a train,
visiting exotic places and trying to create new memories, new pictures. Still, the only thing stuck in your mind is whatever or whoever is not there and not with you anymore
“. And it makes sense. But for me personally, a loss is most times about mourning. Doing it right. And Windmills is a magical grateful song to do just that.

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