LEFT. – Indigo

LEFT is Antony Left new direction, and Indigo, his first single, a sexy and rich indietronic blaze.

Photo by Pedro Ivan Serralva
LEFT. Indigo Premiere

LEFT. is António Graça, an emerging Lisbon-based songwriter and producer. Also known as Antony Left, he is on the verge of releasing a new album with a shift in the type of music he makes.

Entitled Perspective, this is a more electronic-based register than his previous projects which were based on (gorgeous) typical folk-rock nuances (check here an example).

Perspective is an update on the way I see the world and how I’m currently feeling music. I composed the full record as a journey, still this single reflects a new and more electronic approach towards producing.”

Indigo is the first single taken from the album. A song that takes only an instant to make its impact. The bass line is from the first instance a sort of conducting line, and the vocals sound with a distinctive sultry-power. LEFT. alternates rich vocal elements with indietronic hooks, sometimes jazzy meets RnB, other times more pop. Indigo sounds circular but with clever changes and even the female vocals in the back gives it an extra edge that makes it sound both sexy and rich. António recognizes that notion was behind the song meaning, but not only:

 “The song is about the magic process of connecting to a new person, mostly through energy and physical (e)motion.”

In the end, and after just a couple of plays, Indigo sounds like a James Blake-ish indietronic effort, with gorgeous vocal hooks, guitar wonderings, and a very strong bass-drum vibe. All very well composed and build. Compact even. And we can only imagine how much space the song has to grow when played live. For our Portuguese friends, LEFT. plays at the end of this month on CC Beat. We will be there for sure.

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