[Premiere] River Meets Sea – Rest On Me

Rest On Me is a beautifully meant song that feels like Folk and Rock were meant to be together from the start.

River Meets Sea Rest On Me

After the great début track that Won’t You Stay was, River Meets Sea are about to release tomorrow their second ever single entitled Rest On Me. And before going more into details on the song we would just like to say how much this song makes us feel at home. Speaking directly to our hearts, this one might very well be the perfect mix of folk and indie rock.

Rest On Me is a romantic song. A love song in fact. A true love song because it is inspired by feelings of companionship and supporting the other when times are hard. And only true love is there when everything is just too quick to think clearly and to breathe out loud. You might call it paternal love, you might call it a true friend love, you might call it any kind of love in fact. It doesn’t matter. Only the good and safety of true love matters in the end. And for us, Rest On Me can check any box on that behalf. So why not call it a romantic song too?

And if Rest On Me is lyrically a gorgeously sweet and honest song, instrumentally it does not come short either. At first, we feel the evident folk roots in there. The guitar diddling starts it all with such honesty that is hard to resist. Soon Joe Osborne’ vocals come out and clear and the marriage between both elements seems made to last. But when we think we got it all figured it out, the song transforms itself – that seems to be one of River Meets Sea stamps if we remind the way the previous track was also surprisingly fluid -. At first quite modestly, that change is performed with the incorporation of some few additional beats and riffs. Then, more drastically, but still in such a natural way, the drums become the evidence that the song will grow much more. From that “explosion” of sound, and until the end, the track sounds melodically rich, lyrically beautiful and overall powerful. Just like Folk and Rock were meant to be together from the start.

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