Stockholm is a song about the city. But it is also a song about love. An indietronic dream of melancholy.

HENRIKES Stockolm Premiere

“I am an independent artist from Sweden. I make electronic melancholic pop and cinematic songs”. The amount of emails just like this we receive nowadays is overwhelming. However, producing and making tasteful indietronic music that sounds just the proper amount of melancholy is quite rare. HENRIKES gently grew on us on every listen. To the point where Stockholm, the song we have the honor to premiere today, turned into a gorgeous everyday breeze that transports to a distant city. And we always feel close to it. 

Stockholm is really a song about the city. It talks about how the days are small in Winter until they turn bigger and joyful in Summer. But it is also a song about love, obviously. It is a track about falling in love in a city surrounded by water. And darkness. About feeling warmer even when outside there is only snow. About seeing the light on other’s eyes. About trying to promise the World to another.

Written and produced only by women, this is also the best homage we can do their sensitivity. Stockholm jumps from 80’s electronic to modern pop without a glimpse of that change. It sounds both Chvrches and Kavinsky. And we can’t help to feel a certain Nordic magic in it. Every single time we listen to it.

The song will also have a beyond gorgeous video-clip very soon.

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