M w S – Complicated | Grow

From pure RnB ecstasy to indietronic wonder. We can't quite cope with M w S.

When a track is good you cannot simply forget about it. And while some of those great tracks take a while to grow, there are some, very few actually, that instantly got you. M w S are special because not only they did that once for us. But twice. And we feel they will do it a lot more times soon.

But first things first. M w S are a duo from Italy which base themselves in a gorgeous merge of pop, electronic and bits of ambiance and even RnB. That kind of eclecticism that only the virtuous can combine naturally. And if you are thinking “RnB from Italy”? You can just check that on the unheard list.

M w S started thinks of about two years ago. Hearing to songs like Goodbye Softly, Good Vibes, Waves or Cliché (from their debut E.P.) immediately made us understood how much of an RnB basis M w S have. Some songs echo a Jessie Ware vibe while others Jazz-ish Tom Misch vibe. All sound filled with quality and warmth. We’ve showed our love for them on that sense when we previously described Nobody as “pure ecstasy from beginning to end” . Then, they evolved into an even more electronic sound. With a heavy bass element present in almost all the newest tracks (just listen to tracks like Falling in Love (below) or Island), they somehow managed to step into the next level of wonder, without loosing a single aspect of quality.

Push-starting their careers with a move to London (during this Brexit phase) their layers of sonority quality also seem to reflex their fearless sense of life.  And Complicated, might have a lot to do with that phase in their lives too. Released about one month ago, it was the push we needed into their direction, and a show stopper since the first seconds. The super well balanced bass-drum element with the gorgeous vocals have a lot to do with it. But it’s mostly in the matured song-writing and production that the secret may lie. Complicated is complex but sounds really simple, easy to love, easy to repeat, and very hard to stop playing. And is a song for more than one state of mind too. Sexy but serious. Honest but sassy. Chilling but also highly danceable. A no-brainier.

And today they released Grow. A song that is also heavily based on that bass line we’ve talked about. Hand-in-hand with the vocals of course. Highly distinctive but also highly identifiable, this is once again a perfect combination of electronic with soul and RnB. The type of recipe that new music really needs to feel overwhelming. The exotic percussion help achieving that feeling of novelty too. The track talks about highs and lows in city life (typical of London) and reflects that they feel it should be their newest singles: “Treat them as a Netflix series… with no fixed genre“. It is true that Grow is distinct from the other M w S tracks. But there is the same common line to all of them. The immeasurable vocals, and the capacity to surprise us and convince us from the first instances. Like so many few can.

Complicated and Grow are the first 2 of 5 singles that will be released between January and June 2019, when the duo will also headline the iconic Servant Jazz Quarters in East London”. So Londoners, what are you waiting for?

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