[TGIF] Circle Memories

Fall in love at first listen, or let yourself hook into them with time, these 8 new releases will conquer you one way or another.

As we enter our third year of existence we tend to understand more each day that the more we listen to new songs and new acts, the more we feel surprised by their capacity to hook us in. Also, what we love the most on music is the duality between songs that hook us in from the first moment and songs that grow the more we listen to it. The songs we post as the best releases of the week (we like to call it Thank God It’s Friday, even if we rarely post them at Friday) exemplify that duality. One thing is certain, these 8 songs, one way or another, will hook you in. So just give them an opportunity to wow you.

Seamstress – Everything

Formed by Gabriella Chavez and Charlie Sztik, Seamstress is a dream-pop duo transporting their music through emotional and naked melodies where vulnerability drives the whole thing: Gabriella’s vocals and Charlie’s instrumentals are in perfect harmony on that. Everything is the example we bring to you of how deep their music can be. This is a song about the “inability to describe difficult feelings” and we think it goes even farther than that, the song is ethereal and abstract sometimes but the melody remains catchy, especially the chorus so the feelings are only explained on the lyrics but the music keeps confusing and unpredictable. In the end, this is an easy song to listen to, perfect for a moment of introspection and a glass of wine. And Gabriella’s vocals are unforgettable.

M’Lynn – T.F.I.L.

Jazz has no age and never gets overused or overestimated. To prove that, we present you M’Lynn, one of Dallas’ pearls to keep an eye on, this year. With a touch of naïve in her voice, she’s also quite mature and confident of what she’s doing. Music seems to be her language since she grew up surrounded by musicians and we can notice that by the way, she sings every note. T.F.I.L. is her last released single and talks about real love, pure and genuine love, as the title stands for “To Fall In Love” and she sings it smoothly embodied with a dynamic instrumental not to jazz and not too groovy, just on point. The catchy vibe, like Corine Bailey Rae or Alicia Keys, brings to the song an even more vivid notion of simplicity, just it should be. So give it a listen to fall in love with it!

Tenderhooks – Stardust Memories

When we hear someone say Stardust we immediately remember David Bowie. The Tenderhooks think the same way so they paid their tribute to him by releasing this original Stardust Memories. The music itself sounds exactly like it would sound if it was written by Bowie; the lyrics are a story Markus Leinweber, the frontman, wants to tell the world about his experience with Bowie’s music. The maturity of the 6-piece band is patent on the way they embody the whole song with multiple instruments and different sonorities, exploring all their influences, mainly the 60’s and 70’s. We all love Bowie so we’ll all feel related with this one, just listen to it and remember Ziggy Stardust one more time.

Georgel – Meteorito (Remix by Gil Cerezo)

Is not the first time Mexico brings a hit to the world, in times that Spanish language and Latino music is everywhere Georgel launches Meteorito, an addictive song remixed by Gil Cerezo, due to its tropical rhythm. He sings it almost a capella, uniquely supported by rhythmic base and claps and probably that’s its magic: the song talks about love and how people deliver themselves when truly in love. We don’t usually write about remixes nor songs sang in another language apart from English, but here we found a really happy and fun version that puts a smile on our face by the moment it starts; the perfect uplifting song for this weekend.

Lauren Ruth Ward – Pullstring

We are a bit out of words already for Lauren Ruth Ward. But we are definitely out of ears for them. Newest Pullstring, was released yesterday and Lauren says it is all about “No matter how thoughtful or good my intentions are, everyone sees what they want to see. Ignoring the voices that see me in a negative light and focusing on the individuals who see me as I intend is something I reteach myself daily”. The song itself is carried by a repetitive but never dull guitar-based folk-rock vibe, and every time her vocals come in we fall in love again. The way she reaches out, lingers and turns around her tone, is just unique and gorgeous. Favorite female singer of the blog is right here.

Jessie Reid – Stay With Me

Daughter and Lucie Rose. That’s the two female acts that have our heart. Always. Every time they sing their delicate songs about love. Jessie Reid might very well be the third. The Shropshire born artist plays further than anyone the ability to finger-play a guitar and evolve us with her sensible vocals. Stay With Me is her third song yet but we feel conquered already. From December until now, 3 months have passed, 3 months that feel like an eternity of sensibility with her 3 songs. Stay With Me is gorgeous because the vocals speak directly to us. Is gorgeous because it’s just Jessie and the Guitar, and together they sound like they share the same heart. Is gorgeous because it’s a never tiring song. Just like loving someone effortlessly and recognizing that’s real love. This song is real love.

Praa – Infinite Regress

But our love for new female acts does not really seem to end. We’ve talked about Praa when she released her debut single Do It All Again, and from then to now she did not step down from excellence. Infinite Regress is a song that at first sounds like Oh Wonder indie-pop but does not take too long to evolve into her French-inspired electric pop-electronic.  90’s sounding all the way, this is what modern RnB sounds more and more. Very dance-friendly but also a chronic ballad with her vocals always being the center of attention. This song about looking into yourself through your loved one eyes is also the first single taken from her debut EP which is just around the corner (12th April).

Lake Jons – Circle

Lake Jons’ Circle has just put this Finnish trio on our map. And we suspect this is one of those acts that will hardly leave from it too. Circle starts like an Unknown Mortal Orchestra song, that’s to what we immediately associated it with. No shame there. Absolutely no shame there. Then, it evolves into something different. A bit of a Chet Faker sonority, without leaving the pop vibe, without feeling less airy and definitely sounding lighter but also sunnier. Only about half into the song we noticed and acknowledged the vocal quality. So good that we feel these are actually the vocals everybody dreams to have. Circle sounds also like a circular song, without sounding really circular. There’s always a changing element, something that mutates without we noticing. And that feels so good. So graceful.

Have a nice weekend!!!
WtMM Team