The Dumes – Caught In The Middle

The Dumes are here again with one more single. After 'More Than Physical' we're completely surrended to their music. In terms of hits they're 2 out of 2, until now.

Remember when we told you about The Dumes? We had the chance to interview Elodie Tomlinson, the lead singer of this duo by the time we presented More Than Physical (here). At that moment we told you how electrifying, soft and sweet The Dumes sounded, but we forgot to add one small detail: how incredibly entrenched they can be. So here’s another song for you to add immediately to your playlist: Caught In The Middle.

The band inputs since the very first second such energy, engaging every listener right from the start. Differently from the first single, this one is not as sexy as the previous one; also, is not as predictable. In fact this is a song that wants to take the band to higher levels. Sometimes they remind a lot The Ting Tings, not only because of the sonority and energy, nor the fact that they are a duo too, but actually the maturity of the songs, the instrumental, the arrangements, Elodie’s incredible vocals and how they attack the top of the charts, it’s very similar to the end of 00’s duo.

There’s one thing that is becoming the duo’s mark: their catchy chorus and how the song builds-up to it. Instrumentally and lyrically, The Dumes remain raw and pure, and that’s also a point of their identity. This is a song about people who “get away with sh*t they do” and that’s a sense of loss not always easy to deal with, when we give all for those ones and then they reveal themselves so different than we thought.

What actually needs to be saved is the name: The Dumes. This duo will definitely make their way to the top, with energetic pop music, catchy melodies, breathtaking vocals and raw lyrics. What else do we need for a hit? For us they have already 2 out of 2.