[Premiere] Paddy James – Dead Ringer

Just a month ago we introduced you to Paddy James and today here we are again to premiere his second single. And a sneak peek of his third one.

Caption: Claudia Legge
Paddy James New Secret

Just a month ago we introduced you to Paddy James (here) and today here we are again to premiere his second single of a string of three releases and to lift the veil for the third and last single. As we wrote on the review for Love Lost, “we’re excited to hear what’s coming next” and that’s exactly the reason why we’re here today.

The Midlands is not big enough for Paddy so he had to expand himself to the whole world through his music and by listening to this second released single Dead Ringer we can reaffirm his unpredictability, his groovy and soulful vibe and the way he reinvents some idols’ styles. As the first single sounded more pop-rock with notches of Nutini, this one is way more blues-ish, it’s more rhythmic in the way the beat remains more systematic, reminding a bit of the Black Keys, but at the same time it’s the vocals that prevail once again and that seems to be the main goal of this song. James not only is a great singer but he’s a great songwriter too and he likes to be known because of that: he writes about love, about introspection and other matters of life but always in a different perspective as he wanted to show us what we usually don’t want to see. Compiling those lyrics to his voice, he makes this absolute explosion of emotions and groovy feelings, impossible to not get along with.

The British artist presents himself once again very versatile and capable of genre-defying since he’s transforming things already done by many others, but Paddy’s intentions are different: he really wants to express his heart. He sings “I’m the ghost of the boy that you knew. So get it out of your head” in what seems to be the confirmation of a break-up but right after that, he says “where’d be the fun without pain” leaving the doubt in the air, if there’s space for a rebound or not.

A different story is told on his third single (and here’s a sneak peek for you!) as the singer-songwriter tells us a story about a man who signs the army. But this is a story told by the eye of Paddy James so the plot twist is that the man is not a hero for Paddy, as returning home after losing his leg. For James he’s “just a moron with a gun”. So this is a song to scunner the war, in his words “It’s no secret that war is a fool’s errand, (…) killing is killing regardless of whether you are paid as a soldier or not.”

Being said, stay tuned and don’t miss this third single. Until that, listen on repeat both Love Lost and Dead Ringer.

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