Ashe – Moral Of The Story

Ashe attempt on making sense of it all is a modern song with no genre boundaries.

Ashe sings out of her heart without ever sounding like she is doing more than talking. But that kind of singing/talking sounds so inviting, powerful and natural that is so very hard to not fall for her. Of course it’s hard not to see bits of Lana Del Rey in her sound, but we can’t help to feel that Lana Del Rey would love to have her pace, her flow, her sense continuous of melody. Above all, Ashe sounds always dynamic, even when she is singing only on top of a gentle piano.

Moral Of The Story, her newest single to date, is the perfect example of just that. This is a multi-layered and ever-changing song, that combines creativeness, melancholy and still some bits of past sonority into a perfect pacey track. Being a song about heartache and moving on with meditation, it’s just a delight for (we believe) every single human on the planet. In some way this is a song that has no gender, no genre, no feeling, but all of them. The lyrics are partially written by Billie Eilish, and the whole theme was inspired Ashe divorce and the sense of why things fail.

Writing ‘Moral of the Story’ became my way of making sense of it all.” 

Moral Of The Story also comes after Ashe debut 7-track The Rabbit Hole was released, an album we recommend with no moderation on the play count:

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