Kalijah Debut’s “Mouth of the Cave”

Transport yourself with sound in Kalijah's lyrical expedition.

There is an abundant amount of talent originating from the big ole’ state of Texas. There’s something special about the vastness of the land, which sparks inspiration for artists who grew up here. The 4 piece indie rock band, Kalijah, showcases their desert roots and conveys the rollercoaster ride of our existence with their debut record ‘Mouth of the Cave’. 

In the record, you’ll hear a medley of different influences intertwined in each song. “I think our sound is kind of a Texanized version of Pacific Northwest indie-rock” Lead Micah says. Being huge fans of bands like Modest Mouse and Built to Spill, you’ll hear a lot of Psych/Garage rock tendencies in Kalijah’s sound. 

Each member delivers something special to the table. Jeff Arata (guitar) and Nick Smith(bass) apply their music theory/math knowledge to the group’s productions, while Micah Paredes (vox/guitar) delivers a very liberal artsy, “trust your gut” songwriting style. And to glue the band together, Bryan Johnson (drums).

When it comes to what makes the band stand out, it’s their unique lyrical taste. “I largely think of our songs as vehicles for the stories and ideas that I am trying to communicate, mostly because it seems kind of therapeutic to actually articulate feelings into something instead of just kind of endlessly wading through them”, Micah says. He notes that growing up in Terlingua, Tx (an artsy ghost town in the middle of nowhere) had sparked a lot of the inspiration for the record as well as being a part of a very small, very close-knit desert border community. “Being raised out there gave me a very close connection to wilderness that has had a significant effect on the way that I relate to the world. I think that is definitely something that is present in my songwriting”. 

Kalijah’s lyrics and sound remind me of one of the many beauties of music. It’ll transport you to places we may have never been or remind us of all the places we love.