[PREMIERE] YVI – Majesty

YVI is a young singer-songwriter from the Netherlands, here premiering his latest an majestic single Majesty. Nothing ever gets more emotional than this.

Ph by: Marjo Alberts

We never get really done of folk music, it’s always something that we love to hear, but not every song is unforgettable. Some songs echo inside our flesh and bones and those are the ones we carry with us forever. That’s the case of YVI’s new single Majesty, off of his debut album A Few Words Of Comfort.

Diederick Brandsma is YVI, a young musician born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, he sings in English but his language is music, love and emotional lyrics. In 2015 he was highlighted as Best Singer-Songwriter of the Northern Netherlands, because of his Damien Rice-style singing and unique compositions. A Few Words Of Comfort is a 9-piece album, including “musical letters”, as the singer describes it, dedicated to his loved ones.

After putting out Hometown and We’ll Live Along, YVI is releasing today Majesty, justifying its name: the song is absolutely majestic; Diek sings it with a deep melancholic voice, accompanied along with his guitar mourning every chord he plays. As the song builds-up, a piano and a sober violin appears, embodying the song and creating a breathtaking ambient while he sings “Lost a battle to futility and now I had to bow”, increasing after drum-based rhythm perfectly engaged with the frenetic piano. YVI sounds at first like Damien Rice or Glen Hansard, but as we “look” (hear) closer, we notice how unique and authentic his sonority is: we could say he has Paolo Nutini’s emotion in his voice, Damien’s power and Hansard’s melancholy, all together mixed with Flanders lifestyle and spirit.

If we could guess a few months ago that we’d cross our paths with such incredible voice and storyteller like only few could be, we’d rejoice only to know that pure folk still have apprentices capable to take its music to the highest levels and stages. YVI is surely making his way to one of the most amazing Dutch singer-songwriters ever known and we truly hope he take Europe for his own just like Ben Howard did.

Until then, we impatiently wait for the album which will come out April 11th and keep listening to this majestic Majesty and the other two previously released.