[PREMIERE] Anthony Lazaro – Through My Eyes

Anthony Lazaro newest song puts the chill on love's day.

Anthony Lazaro Through My Eyes Premiere

Valentine’s Day is here, isn’t it? Do you think we’ve come unprepared for it? They say Italy is where you want to fall in love and as proper rendition to that saying Anthony Lazaro is releasing today his latest track, the romantic Through My Eyes.

Secretly starting and focused on his chilling vocals, the Hamburg-based singer and guitarist soon merge his calming vocals with a synth-based electric guitar vibe romantic vibe, making us feel the closer we can get to a candle-light dinner. The song talks about that secret intimacy and complicity a couple shares and how time can go by without notice. How everything works gracefully and without too much effort. Natural romantic or just honest, this is a cute lullaby that finds in pop-R&B its more natural flow. Not only romantic but also catchy, as you will easily find yourself replicating these guitar chords in your head middle of the song, and long past its end. Almost like a Daft Punk vibe.

And just like a true romance, we won’t ever manage to describe it fully and the best is to listen to it abundantly until we can understand all the lyrics and lullaby along its nuances.

They don’t know what it’s like to see you through my eyes
They have never held you while you sleep at night
Never get to kiss you when you wake and smile
So they will never know

Anthony Lazaro will continue to showcase his indie-chilled vibe and his guitar with some more releases this year. You can follow him in the links below:

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