[PREMIERE] The Bergamot – Periscope

Valentine's Day has come early with The Bergamot engaging periscope on love!

Photo by Wongi Kim
The Bergamot Periscope PREMIERE

We always like to get ahead of ourselves concerning new music, and when that happens also concerning Valentine’s day we are even more up for it. Supporting the idea that loving is an every-day “business”, nothing better than a husband-and-wife based band like The Bergamot to start things in the right way. 

The Brooklyn based band is releasing their new song (and video), Periscope, tomorrow as a proper celebration of what love is.

Starting with some folk-rock based simple melodies mixing drums and guitar, Periscope is a gentle breeze that finds itself very early and soon you hear the duet vocals. The first minute flies by and soon you notice yourself you’re right in the chorus. A chorus with several phases in itself, but where they are not shy to showcase love in words. Pericope reinvents itself just the necessary amount throughout. Decreasing the amount of sonority just to bring it back again for the second time of the chorus. Or increasing it to a folk-rock explosion shortly after the 3rd minute. The song works so well, it is only natural it gets the listener to singing along on the very first listen.

Periscope also makes its mark through the beautiful lyrics of course. Like a proper love lullaby, it merges the melody flow and heart-felt energy with some honest words about the truest sentiments. It happens from the first build up where the song title is actually versed:

Through a periscope 
I see our lives
Through my eyes
I know 
We’ll be alright 
We’ll be alright 

To the catchy (instrumentaly mutable) chorus:

Because I have been waiting on you
All my life, All my life
I’ve been frustrated and blue
I never knew, I never knew
How much I love
How much I love 

Or the necessary and gorgeous bridge:

There will come a time
Looking down the line
Truth will be hard to find
But don’t be afraid
Our troubles they won’t 
Stay the same
We’ll be O.K.

It’s all about how love can evolve and rise stronger. And it’s making The Bergamot sounding more melodious than ever.

Together with the song, comes a gorgeous and sincere video filmed over 3 years containing true footage of The Bergamot’s shows, trips, and love bits, from Michigan to Haway. The video comes out tomorrow and here is a preview:

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you should follow Bergamot for more honest loving content:

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