The Pylons – Remember Me

London is one big artist hatchery, bringing to us exceptional artists since ever. So here's another Londoners to pay attention to: The Pylons.

Everybody knows that the UK, and especially London, is one big artist hatchery, bringing to us exceptional artists since ever. But what we care about is the last two decades, in terms of alternative and indie music and regarding to that, the city helped a lot in the creation of what we call now Brit Pop. This is not one of those Brit Pop bands, actually, but it’s another exciting London-based band. The Pylons is a quartet formed in North-London and was inspired by Bear’s Den, Novo Amor, HONNE and Bombay Bicycle Club, amongst others.

The band has been working hard to put out a pile of many singles, counting until now with 5 new ones. Here we present you Remember Me. A mix of indietronic elements and sonorities and organic rock instruments. The band intended to create a profound and wide sound with echoed drums and reverbed guitars, all involved by falsetto vocals and a classical choir.

Remember Me is quite difficult to insert in a genre as it navigates almost wildly between ambient music, rock, indietronic and sometimes pop-folk. We know it sounds a bit confusing but in fact, it’s quite invigorating and frantically balanced. The quartet seems to have naturally reached a mellow stage where they all know exactly their place and sometimes invade others space waving the melody and giving more dynamic.

By the time the band released Remember Me, they have released another single called Float Away. Not stepping out of their style, this one is more chilled and the vocals are less spatial, sounding more like new Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver: more raw and disquieting, always overusing falsetto and a bit of auto-tune. The similarities do not put The Pylons behind Bon Iver’s or Honne’s shades, by the contrary, the new Londoner band is stepping up almost beside them.