ELVAR – Runaway Heart

ELVAR combines a story-telling romanticism with those chilled Icelandic hymns that the world can't get enough of. And it's so good.

ELVAR Runaway Heart New Secret

ELVAR is an Icelandic singer-songwriter making his proper debut in the indie music world this year with the release of his debut album produced by the also Icelandic Petur Ben.

Here at the WtMM we have a long-time love for new Icelandic acts since we discovered Ásgeir. And a bit like him, ELVAR has a very strong basis on electric ambiances. Still, he does it in a more disguised way. Those sort of electric hymns is heard in the back of his tracks, leaving the main sonority for his vocals, a guitar and a drum that alternates light with heavier appearances. A sort of indie-rock meets folk meets shoegaze flow that seems to easily propagate around his tracks. Runaway Heart, his second single, was the one that made the cut for us. Mainly because this is a track that felt right since the first bits of sound – and oh, how difficult that is, nowadays. The laid-back electrified pop choir that he starts the song with are the first hooking characteristic. Following those, his tender-natural vocals enlighten the way. While Runaway Heart is not a track that varies a lot, it also doesn’t need to. It’s secret lies in the clever melodies and short variations. The first at the middle mark of the song: washed by a sort of sea-sound a 90’s like pop-rock vibe gets in, keeping the listener into it for more. The second happens close to the end, with another surprising bit that champions the electric acoustic guitar, and where we can swear we can feel the Icelandic scenery.

However, this is not a one trick pony either. And that is after all the reason to highlight him. ELVAR first ever song is also a gorgeous track. Entitled One of a Kind it immediately recalled us of Lord Huron enchanting story-telling ways. Elvar vocals are once again the center of the song, and that sounds good and make us feel safe. Especially in a track where everything focuses on a very catchy chorus (that we were singing along on play number 2). This is, of course, a romantic track that talks about an empty city (or heart), and that sounds like one’s searching for meaning. But it also sounds like a gorgeous song to play on a road trip, or when getting home after a tiring workday. And ultimately, that’s all we can ask from a track, isn’t it?

Expecting more great things from him during this year, we advise you to follow the below links: