Rikke Normann – Fragile ft. Bernhoft

Presenting her fourth single 'Fragile', Rikke Normann says “sometimes it’s easier to talk about things through songs.”

We already told you about the increased volume of talented musicians from Northern Europe. So here’s another one: Rikke Normann. Is not actually folk, as we told you in the previous post, but talent needs to be shared and this one fits perfectly.

The Norwegian singer-songwriter released her brand new duet with the Grammy-nominated Bernhoft. Fragile is a soulful song waving between Marvin Gaye and Mayer Hawthorne. In a smooth and chilled interpretation, both singers elevate their vocals in a perfect combination, supported by a sometimes classic-jazzy arrangement and not less modern R&B-soul approach. Rikke sings about love and its conditions, as also about everything around us that we all take for granted, “We are so fragile in the way that we live” it’s a demonstration of how naked and vulnerable we all are when in love and put body and soul into something, and the Norwegian singer hits the highest notes while singing the verse perfectly personalizing the fragility she’s talking about.

Fragile is the fourth single taken from her forthcoming album 35, and it’s a joyful and festive melody. Even though the lyrics are about vulnerability, the way Normann and her fellow sing turn it into an uplifting and blissfully song, culminating in a catchy highly-addicted harmonic chorus.

It’s impossible to close our eyes (or ears) to Bernhoft in this song, as he gifts it with a notorious and unique kind of soul in his voice, hoarse and sweet, mellow and tender, somewhere between John Legend and D’Angelo or Leon Bridges, but it’s so unique and authentic that is actually hard to compare him with others. The Grammy-nominated artist is the yang to Rikke’s ying as they sound so differently while separated but together they engaged perfectly.

This is one of those cases that we feel so happy to have this job and be able to listen to great music in first hand. Rikke Normann is about to launch her third studio album and if you are somewhere in Europe, go check her socials to know where will be the nearest gig to you as Rikke has already more than 20 shows booked since the beginning of 2019. It’s definitely a show you won’t want to miss!