Native Harrow – Can’t Go On Like This

From New York comes a refreshing call to the past.

Some people just born in a different time than they should, as it all seem to belong to another age. Native Harrow feels like one of those cases. Firstly, let us introduce her to you. Native Harrow is the nom de plume of Devin Tuel, a New Yorker singer-songwriter, acting alongside with Stephen Harms. And that is as ambiguous as it can be: A simple 60’s personality living in one of the biggest and capitalist cities in the World.

Once listening to Native Harrow it’s impossible to immediately not picture yourself in some 60’s environment, listening to Janis Joplin, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Joni Mitchell… And that’s even more intrinsic in Can’t Go On Like This because the picture is then in Woodstock. At first listening, this could be just another singer with her guitar, talking about stuff. But Native Harrow is much more than that: right from the start Can’t Go On Like This is psychedelic and rocker, her voice is angelical and chimerical and the whole melody is uncertain, just like in the 60’s with The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, and others.

This song belongs to Native Harrow’s third and upcoming album Happier Now, featuring other songs like Blue Canyon and Way to Light and we can expect many feelings and experiences as the duo describe the songs each in its panorama. Lyrically this song is rich and the theme is as timeless as Devin Tuel’s voice: uncertainty seems to be part of her life and her surrounding ones, so the song is all about changes and the fear of it. “Do you remember being young?” is the motto of chorus and it actually asks ourselves about our worries, fears and problems and how it used to “disappear into the dust”. Can’t Go On Like This is call of life, so meaningful we all can relate with.

Sometimes there are songs and musicians that remember ourselves that music is timeless and vast and when it happens we feel so grateful for that. This is one of the cases when music stops the time and time freezes our lives.

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