[TGIF] Sinners and Angelus

The last week of January has been the craziest in terms of quality releases. And these are the ones we couldn't miss.

Sinners and Angelus tgif

What’s best to end a crazy good week in terms of music releases than with 6 stunners? 

Merival – Sinner

Is not always that we cross paths with great voices as smooth as Joni Mitchell and as powerful as Sharon Van Etten or St. Vincent. As well, is not always that we cross paths with such complex folk music like this one Merival is presenting here. Sinner is right from the beginning a one-of-a-kind, the melody is cinematic and sort of dramatic and mysterious, even though it begins with only voice and guitar. But it all becomes more expressive when an orchestral arrangement begins (yes, an orchestral arrangement in a “simple” folk song). Its complexity and mixture make it so unique that we can hardly tell what emotions it brings to us. Merival sings it raw and deep, going easily to an almost angelical level, so pure and lifting. It’s so great it’s hard to explain, better listen to it and fall in love like we did. If you don’t, you’re a Sinner.

Tom Freund – Angelus

We love songs that fulfill our souls with memories and feelings, and this Tom Freund’s Angelus is one of those songs. It’s extremely summery and nostalgic, the brightest ray of sun you’ll see today (if that is possible), and this is due to Tom’s long career. The thing is a lot of people keep on making Americana music but only a few make it amazingly like Freund, for instance. And that’s easy to realize, Tom has performed alongside with so many renowned artists like Elvis Costello and Jackson Browne and has shared the stage with many many others. Angelus is “just” another great song from the Venice Beach-based singer-songwriter, included in his most recent full-length album East of Lincoln.

Lauren Ruth Ward – Valhalla

Some musicians don’t need a presentation, but in case you still don’t know Lauren Ruth Ward we’ll introduce her to you. Being one of the greatest hypes for the past two years, the LA-based singer-songwriter has launched herself to the stratosphere with her alternative dreamy pop-rock, so powerful she swallows the room when she sings. With already two LPs (Happy Birthday Jim and Well, Well) and one self-titled EP, she’s now working on her 4thand upcoming record, from which we take this Valhalla, a song that talks about being a woman and how heroic it can be, and the way Lauren sings it full of emotion and power, sometimes sounding like Amy Winehouse, others like Florence Welsh, works in perfect harmony with the guitar and drums who are trying to boost more than it should. Valhalla is the “heaven” of the heroes and if Lauren Ruth keeps singing like this she might have her spot there, someday. Extra note: The LA-based singer released yesterday another single, sexual and dare, I Touch Myself is smooth and pop-ish, 90’s style (“Man, I feel like a woman”), really easy to like. Enjoy!

Neomi – Tables

Pop-ish and whispery is how Neomi’s newest single, Tables, begins. Neomi performs a techno-pop song remaining smooth and dramatic keeping the same rhythm and instrumental arrangement. The artist wants the attention to her voice, and we can understand why: she carries a naïve but so strong voice and although the Montreal-born-and-raised artist is only 20 years old, she dares singing about grown-up feelings like turning a heartbreak and disappointment into empowerment. The theme helps the song get power and strength especially in the chorus where Neomi sounds a bit like MS MR. The young singer and songwriter just released another single, Body on Body, and both will be part of her debut album which will be out in May. Expect something great from here!

Lucille Furs – Paint Euphrosyne Blue

From Chicago arrives the quintet Lucille Furs, an extremely dynamic band exploring old and new psychedelia, from The Kinks and Doors to The Zombies and Temples, Paint Euphrosyne Blue is their forthcoming single, which will be included in their upcoming album “Requiem Pour Un Twister”. This song is a salad of good sonorities and techniques. The mix includes so many influences it drives us crazy. The young talented musicians have incredibly improved old techniques from The Beatles’ guitars and Doors’ organ which, for us, is setting their album to one of the most expected for this first half of the year.

Wild Signals – Home

As years go by we tend to believe that nothing else can be created in music, everything made from now on will be replicated. Thankfully we’ve been wrong and there’s always some bands and musicians that surprise us with brand new sounds or unique sonorities, sometimes different from everything, other times innovating and recreating genres. That’s the case of Wild Signals, a Los Angeles quartet who recreated post-rock and dark-rock mixing it with ethereal vocals from Nicole Ridgely. Home is the first single from their first EP and is also the opening track. The composition grows exactly like a short post-rock song but it sounds darker, and when it reaches the climax it slightly touches post-punk and becomes powerful and extremely intense. The fact is that it’s impossible to hear only one song so enjoy the opening track and follow up for the others.

Have a nice weekend!!!
WtMM team.