[PREMIERE] Matthew Pinder – Golden Hour

Golden Hour is a gem. Period.

Matthew Pinder Golden Hour Premiere

2018 was the year for Matthew Pinder introduction to the indie world. The release of his debut EP, Too Young to Understand, giving him some deserved attention. This Bahamian singer-songwriter sounded light but still full of melodies and meaning. The lyrics helped of course, typically about hard love but also about growing up and leaving the parents home. Still, now it seems to us, that the best was yet to come. His first 6 songs were proper indie-folk meets indie-rock efforts. But did not sound overwhelming as much as his newest track, Golden Hour.

In Golden Hour he now introduces himself in a sort of an upgraded version. From the beginning of the track, we notice an evolution in terms of sonority. Not only in the renewed and perfect-sounding indietronic background, or in the piano in crescendo, but mostly in the shocking way his vocals grew. Golden Hour is a love song that continues Matthew ways of being a romantic and a storyteller but that also achieves much more than that. It reaches that level where a song can be everything. Can mean everything. That level where a song can leave our minds and live everywhere, and never ever sound like we are done with it. What we are trying to say is that Golden Hour is an immortal song. The perfect soulful innuendo. A gem.

Golden Hour is the first advance from Matthew Pinder debut album Give Me Some Time that should come out this year. We’ll be here for it. Or anywhere really.

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