[PREMIERE] Darius Christian – Long Ride Home

From backing vocals to producer and incredible solo artist, Darius Christian is premiering Long Ride Home. Less is obviously more, but in some cases, when one knows how to manage the more it becomes incredibly pleasant.

Hip-hop and R&B are on top of the world in what music matters –commercial and underground– and the fact is that suddenly many talented artists appeared in the scene, challenging it, improving it and modifying it. Names like Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Anderson Paak, among others, are the ones that are defying these genres and taking them to the highest top. Right after them on the list is Darius Christian, trombonist, producer and singer, has been backing vocals for Macklemore, Rihanna, Miss Lauryn Hill, Solange, and more, and now he’s taking his chance on solo.

In 2017 Darius released his first ever single, Heartbeat, a song leaning to soul-funk, highly festive and full of musicality. A fun jam performed amongst all the intervenients especially thebrass and horns. 2 years after, Darius Christian is releasing today his forthcoming single, the third after launching Spaceship featuring Camille Trust. Long Ride Home is a fresh breeze whiff from the beginning, his innovation and coherence during the whole song shows an experienced full artist: Darius created two environments in the song with different beats and horns arrangements and even his voice is perfectly placed for both moods.

This heartbreaking and “melodramatic” track starts with a rap over a neo-soul instrumental composition that thrives to a full-bodied R&B-soul with downtempo rhythms and jazzy winds, reminding D’Angelo or Jordan Rakei. The way Christian could fulfill the whole space with modern sonorities without sounding too stuffed is for us what brings freshness the most. Less is obviously more, but in some cases, when one knows how to manage the more it becomes incredibly pleasant. Long Ride Home is one of those cases.

It’s not easy to write a romantic song without sounding too cheesy or losing yourself on the feeling, at the same time it’s so easy to become too abstract, and yet here we are, commenting a romantic song as one of our favorites until now, that has cheesy elements and abstract ones that go so harmoniously well together. “I’m afraid to love”, he says. We say we’re not afraid to love this song, at all.