Camel Power Club – A Wave of Goodbyes feat. Racoon Racoon

Have you ever heard the voice of an angel?

Camel Power Club - © Yorisphotographer

Have you ever heard the voice of an angel? What about two? A Wave of Goodbyes is for sure a sad song. A song about sorrow and about leaving a “place” where we were happy, but not anymore. It is a song about saying goodbye, or the inability of doing it. But is also, an angelic song that combines the best that exists in the vocal sensibility of Léa Courty (Racoon Racoon) and the post-electronic immersive and dreamy composition of the mysterious Camel Power Club.

A Wave of Goodbyes is also a bipolar track with two gorgeous sides. On one side this is a track that can pass-by feeling like a gorgeous whisper or a gentle breeze that calms us down. On another side, and when truly immersed in it, it is also a melancholic catharsis. The amount of hidden bits and samples it “hides” can feel overwhelming when paying attention. A detail in composition that is so typical of Camel Power Club. Every detail seems to be there for a reason and it increases the emotional charge of the track. But ultimately the song sounds like magic in the way it seems to live in a vague place where anything is possible. Just like a memory. As gorgeous or sad as a memory can be.

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