Daniel Ruiz – Ecstasy Queen

Barcelona is a world art center and that probably triggered Daniel Ruiz to discover his path through surrealism, psychedelia, cats and dreams.

Daniel Ruiz New Secret

We all know that Barcelona is a world art center and inspired many artists across several centuries. That probably triggered Daniel Ruiz, a Catalonian singer, and songwriter who discovered his path through surrealism, psychedelia, cats and dreams.

Three years ago Daniel adventured himself releasing his first EP Bury Me With My Money, a beginner work, rocking like a “rolling stone” or even Dylan, raw and madcap. But the vocals are too filtered and undiscovered. Ruiz might’ve thought the same and a year after, in 2017, came out with his full-length 11-track album Purple Bird And Other Strange Songs. The rock pressed in these songs is more bodied and it sounds more authentic as it invites jazz continuously to his songs – or maybe is uninvited, as said in Purple Bird and Other Uninvited Guests. The fact is that the Spanish musician is so complex and creative as an artist that every of the 11 songs are different from each other, which makes this LP the Parc Guell of his portfolio: elegant, distinct, avant-garde and somehow abstract.

As if it wasn’t already enough, in 2018 Ruiz dropped his third studio work Stories from a Whiskey-Soaked Mind, where the artist became a little bit more nihilist and free in his sonorities and lyrics. At that time Daniel Ruiz wrote a few tales expressed in the same guideline as the EP. Proving that is the discrepancy between Goodbye Letter Froma Loved One, that talks about a couple who’ll never be able to meet again, and the last song of the record Blackout Drunk Dream (Silvia Came Flying Through the Window), that talks precisely about a blackout and that sick drunk dream after a long night.

Amongst other daydreams, Daniel recently released his newest single Ecstasy Queen. Once again, is quite refreshing to see how the artist can wear different masks without losing his direction to nowhere (apparently). And how he keeps storytelling his dreams and epic stories having always something new to tell. In Ecstasy Queen, he performs a waddle and hesitating melody which seems to be growing as it goes by but actually keeps breaking and slowing down the rhythm. He sounds like Tame Impala’s bassist Cameron Avery in his debut solo album, Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams. That is probably the best compliment we can give, as it was one of our favorite albums of 2017.

Daniel’s stories seem to have no end and it seems he’s making his own Sagrada Familia with each and every work he makes and even made an epic-ode EP to his almost-Instagram-famous cat Ramoneto Johnson. We have no idea what’s coming next but we’re already impatiently waiting.