Daggy Man – Zen And The Cookie (Rescue Dog)

Daggy Man does it again with another beautiful ever-lasting song.

Daggy Man Zen And The Cookie

Since Lovers on a Hospital Wing we’ve not quite been the same. Daggy Man has that rare capacity of creating a hole in a listener heart with his tracks. A hole that himself makes whole with equal doses of sensitivity, good-taste and touching lyrics. That happens again with Zen And The Cookie (Rescue Dog). 

In a song where we can feel that typical dreamy vibe of Death Cab for Cutie, the Australian Thomas Calder is once again our voice of conscience. The lyrics are deep and personal. The melody is complex but sounds ever simple and touching. The vocals are very effective and sound like that most sensible part of our soul, going to places we can’t quite explain but always carrying the right amount of emotion. And that background constant beat that accompanies the whole track without ever sounding repetitive is just an example of how to properly compose a song. Zen And The Cookie (Rescue Dog) is a beautiful ever-lasting song from every perspective.

This is the final taste of Daggy Man’s Upcoming album I’m Going To Love As Long As I Live. Being released some-when during 2019 this is one we are looking forward to!