Andrew Leahey – Airwaves

Airwaves is Andrew Leahey's newst single, a happy and danceable song, evoking nostalgia and sonorities from the (already) old 80’s.

At a first impression, Andrew Leahey plays and sings his indie-pop/rock like Ryan Adams, evoking nostalgia and sonorities from the (already) old 80’s. Richmond,Virginia, saw this musician growing watching VHS cassettes with his brother, who’ve recorded long hours of MTV channel with videoclips and even commercials. Leahey fell in love for “heroes” like Springsteen, who inspired him to become a singer and songwriter.

After an almost three-year hiatus when Andrew launched his debut 11-track album Skyline in Central Time, he is now about to drop is forthcoming album Airwaves. The musician has been living above the clouds (as we can notice from his album titles) but he’s presenting himself way more with his feet on the ground. Start the Dance is the first example of that: it sounds more unpredictable and more bodied, the vocals are on-point for a rock & roll singer. But still, it recalls a lot to Springsteen and his fellows from the ’80s. But then the Richmond musician –who now lives in Nashville–, presents the second single from his second album whose actually share the same title: Airwaves.

It’s more modern and mature, it’s noisy and melodic at the same time, it’s rock and it’s pop, it’s indie and it’s commercial. Overall, it’s an absolute hit. This is a love song that talks about the relationship problems now-a-days, nevertheless it expresses hope and happiness. Just like in the 80’s, Leahey wrote a song to touch our hearts and souls and to take us to dance. That’s when joy, hope and bliss meet.