Paddy James – Love Lost

From West Midlands, UK, to the world, Paddy James presents his highly addictive new single 'Love Lost', full of groove, soul and feelings.

Caption: Claudia Legge
Paddy James New Secret

WARNING: Highly addictive song! Since you start listening it’ll become very difficult to get away from it. Coming from West Midlands, UK, Paddy James brings his hot track Love Lost, an extremely groovy song, not only because of the lyrics’ theme but because of the way James sings his soul out. Sounding just like beginner Paolo Nutini, the British singer-songwriter doesn’t put too much on his guitar but expects a lot from the drums which perfectly complements his vocals.

Paddy is not afraid of expressing his emotions and feelings as he sings about infidelity and relationships breakdown and that power is noticeable in his voice: a raw and portentous voice wanting to expel it all.

Love Lost is the first single of a string of three releases and we don’t believe it could be any better. The fact is that 3 years ago James presented himself with his debut EP Lost Boy, a folk compilation of four tracks. We could’ve recognized his amazing voice but not the music: Paddy James sounded naïve and less original. Even though the feeling remained almost the same and really authentic, he’s now more artist and he’s unexpected. By saying that, we’re excited to hear what’s coming next.