Jenny Kern – Slow Burn

Slow Burn is an undoubtedly gorgeous track we can't quite put down.

Jenny Kern Slow Burn

The line that separates pop from folk and commercial from indie is getting thinner and thinner. Especially when a song that mixes both elements can sound both catchy and intimate. Melodic but also introspective. That definitely happens with Jenny Kern’s singer-songwriter style. The Canadian based in New York who is about to release her debut EP has advanced her first single entitled Slow Burn. The track embodies personal feelings of discomfort building a very relatable, simple and efficient song.

This is a track that reminds us of the best old times of the 90s where every song that played in the radio sounded coming from the heart and could be sung looking out of the car’s window while thinking about our lives. Slow Burn is a gorgeous song that refreshes us and make us feel safe at the same time. It is for sure a commercial song, or a song that will be judged as a song for the masses and we would not be surprised if it appeared as part of any movie-series in the next months. But is also an undoubtedly gorgeous track we can’t quite put down.