Happy, Hollow – A Drop of Rain

A blissful combination of two opposite personalities.

All photos by Ryan Rose.
Happy, Hollow Photo Bomb

What started as a relationship transformed into something much more for the new indie band, Happy, Hollow.  Happy, Hollow is the epitome of an alternative rock group with a fresh sound.  

A year and some change ago, Jordan Raines and Virgina Haladyna began dating. Both active musicians, the couple experimented with co-writing songs, resulting in the unreleased tune “Sweet Surprise”. With an abundance of positive feedback from friends and family, the duo quickly began an extensive search for bandmates to tag along in their musical enterprise. Tapping into the sounds of a few local bassists and drummers, the group founded their missing pieces: Will Howell (Drums) and Rodrigo Cortes( Bass).

The bands name was a product of Raines’ realization that him and his cofounder have opposite personalities.  Haladyna selected the perfect combination of words to capture their polarity; Happy, Hollow. 

One element of the band that makes them standout amongst a haystack of gifted performers, is its multi-talented members. In addition to her performing abilities, Haladyna is an experienced sound engineer and plans to produce all the music herself. As any band knows, having a producer within the group is a Godsend, both financially and time-wise. 

Now, as the group gets their feet wet in the pool of Austin musicians, they strive to take the scene by storm and become a nationally recognized, touring band! You can catch their first single A Drop Of Rain on Spotify.