The Dumes – More Than Physical

Elodie Tomlinson is half of The Dumes. They've released their sweet and electrifying debut single More Than Physical and we had a brief talk with her.

The Dumes New Secret Interview

Elodie Tomlinson is the lead singer and half part of The Dumes, an LA-based band who released their debut single, More Than Physical, this week. This is an indie-pop track bringing back the early years of this decade, it’s soft and sweet and electrifying. In the end, it has a raw guitar embracing the whole melody. Speaking in melody, what can we tell about Elodie’s vocals? It’s sexy and strong and owns the scene.

We had the chance to talk with Elodie Tomlinson about this track and the band itself. Check it out.

How would you describe the Dumes?
We’re definitely a collaboration of different sounds. Each of us has a unique quality that combined; brings a city meets desert trip vibe.

Since Sibling, what has changed about the way you write songs?
My method of songwriting hasn’t changed much, but as an individual the lens that I write through has developed and I feel more connected to my music than ever.

You’ve won snowboarding championships 5 times. What do you want to achieve now in music?
I just want to keep pushing myself and my sound as much as possible.

Talking about your debut single, More Than Physical. What can you tell us about it?
We think its a fun way to introduce ourselves because we (Schilke and I) had such a fun time writing. It’s flirtatious and fun, plus it totally made me feel like I could spit some game. 😉

For those who are getting to know you at this moment, what should they expect from The Dumes moving forward?
Lots of shows and a few more singles. Stay tuned!

If you could perform live with any artist/band, who would you choose? (Dead or alive)
Definitely The War on Drugs or Courtney Barnett!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Continuing to write and sing. This is my passion and I just love being able to express myself and connect with others through my music.

The band are about to release new tracks soon, so you should definitely stay tuned and follow their socials for upcoming news!

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