Business as Booj

Selling out never sounded better. Bourgeois Mystics release a fresh new, funky single from their upcoming EP; Turn On, Tune In, Sell out.

All photos by Ryan Rose
Bourgeois Mystics Photo Bomb
Today marks the debut of Ryan Rose as part of Where the Music Meets.  She is a photographer from Austin, Texas, whose love for music and local bands lead her to want to spread the word on the bands she fells in love with. Photo Bomb is a series of posts that spreads that love.

Funk, Rock, Metal, Hip-Hop and a sprinkle of every genre in between; Bourgeois Mystic has returned to the Austin spotlight in full force with the release of their newest single Business as Booj

Listen Here:

Their latest tune touches on the fabrication of ‘Selling Out” in the music industry. The single sets the theme for their upcoming EP Turn On, Tune In, Sell Out which is set to release later this year. The EP also signifies a vast turning point in the bands line up, as they say farewell to one of their founding members/leads on Vox/Bass: Zenith Nadir. 

With a change in line up, the band steers their sound in a more ‘Hard hitting and zero’d in direction’. For their Sophomore album Gentrifications of Planet Earth, the band focuses in on their Funky/ Hip-hop roots while still maintaining a progressive edge. They like to describe their new mission statement as a ‘For profit, self growth collective and not a cult’ with extra emphasis on ‘not a cult’.

As of now, all we can do is patiently wait as the band showcases their new singles over the course of the next few months. Until then, give em a listen on Spotify and follow them on Facebook for upcoming shows/tunes!

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