Alessandro Ciminata – Lost in Your Arms || It’s You Or It’s Nothing

For how much long will Alessandro Ciminata remain unsigned?

Photo by ZoZo ZH Luna
Alessandro Ciminata New Secret

Alessandro Ciminata is still an unsigned artist. The relevancy of this statement will make sense soon you hit the play button on his latest single. Lost In Your Arms was released about 1 month ago, and is the latest practical showcase of singer-songwriter that seems incapable of writing and singing less than perfect songs.

His vocals sound close to Matt Berninger’s in the way he can sound melodic without pushing is vocal chords or without sounding much more than talking. And that is pretty rare by itself. But then the huge amount of great-sounding beats, guitars and 80’s and 90’s sonority take his songs to an even higher place. Nothing is casual, everything is very well built together and the end result is some of the most addictive songs we have ever written about. Lost In Your Arms is a song about love where Alessandro says he can’t get enough. And just like that, it’s all he needed to say.

But the song that put Alessandro on our radar was gorgeous It’s You Or It’s Nothing. A song that perfectly encapsulates equal doses of melancholy and hope. Much of it is related to the way the electronics are also built into this. While the electric-acoustic guitar sounds like a back-up vocal, his vocals sound a bit different and more ahead of time than in Lost In Your Arms. And it’s so great when a singer like he, can vary his vocal range without losing the personal touches. Once again, a song to listen without moderation. Even if at first it sounds from another world. That’s part of why it is so good.

But that’s not all. We could go all day regarding Alessandro Ciminata’s ability to surprise us. Ain’t Nothing But Rain is more pop than the previous two songs, but nonetheless electronic and perfectly balanced, emerging the 80’s typical beat sounding crisper than ever.

Alessandro Ciminata plethora of releases made us wonder last year. We needed some time to process everything. We believe these three are the best ones to date. And we believe this is a singer that could be on the verge of becoming huge. And have we mentioned he is still unsigned?