[TGIF] Warm Amnesias

Regroup for the working week with these six new releases that feel like warm amnesias to the soul.

TGIF The Scary Jokes Lunar Latitude Jo James Danseur Caleb Harris Sure Sure

After two weeks of excellent new releases, our choice for the best new ones goes for six songs that feel like warm amnesias to the soul. These are tracks that make us forget about worries and allow us to regroup forces to another work week. And if by hearing them you can feel the same, then, our job is done here. Hope we do. Here they are:

The Scary Jokes – Community Gardens

In a dreamy and bubbly ambient, The Scary Jokes presents their newest single Community Gardens, which came out the first day of the year. The whole song is incredibly ironic and sarcastic. Being melodically joyful and naïve, the lyrics are confessional and kind of sharp. The New Jersey-based band creates a fantastic and imaginary world in their melodies using synths and some harmonies which help create all this environment. Sounding a bit like Lilly Allen’s most indie songs, this version of Community Gardens was slightly altered from the album version and we love it this way. Even though it’s sarcastic and what so ever, we find it absolutely cheerful and funny.

Lunar Latitude – Monsoon Ride

Post-rock is one of the most expressive genres. No matter who’s making it or where they come from. It’s all about feelings and emotion. Ajay Pawar’s Lunar Latitude is a post-rock project from India, and this track, Monsoon Ride, is about a train trip the musician took in his homeland. Just as most of the post-rock songs, the guitar fingerpicking begins very profoundly and in some way very melancholic. Then the deepness comes with great drums and punk guitars, transcending the initial melody. All the composition is built on top of a no-returning path routing the song to a labyrinth of emotions. Monsoon Ride is definitely a ride one takes and it puts Indian music in the indie-rock scene.

Jo James – Midnight Dealin’

A simple blues guitar line works as a motto for Jo James hottest single. Midnight Dealin’ has a funky vibe and it sounds exactly as the iconic funky-blues songs. Performed with a guitar melodic line, a supporting bass, a harmonic organ and a groovy drum-set, Jo James sings his soul out in this one. And is not case for less than that: Midnight Dealin’ talks about struggling, getting through life in an unorthodox way, so the singer-songwriter puts all his naked soul in this beautiful and mesmerizing theme. James has this deeply raw voice which immediately catches everyone’s attention, he has a story to tell and what better way to tell it to the world if not by his music?

Danseur – Amnesiac

Coming from Los Angeles and formed from prominent members of other indie projects, Danseur is a project focused on merging dark with danceable elements of electronic pop. Amnesiac is the first single by the project and one that easily sticks into our heads. Quirky and catchy, it surely uses that 80s vibe to drive us into it, and some very well thought vocals. And that “forget the morning, girls like you should come with a warning” is just dope unforgetable.

Caleb Harris – Reasons I Fear

We love indie-folk that is composed and sung with heart and mind. And we surely love some strong and deep vocals. When both things are allied together the results are easily recognizable. The Reasons I Fear is the latest song from the Brighton-based Caleb Harris. And one that just like Matt Corby or Sam Brockington easily convinces us by how clearly honest and powerful it sounds. Rocky and with a catchy chorus, this is too easy to love. 

Sure Sure – Warm Animal

The influence that Spoon have in today’s indie music is hard to measure. But when we first heard to Sure Sure’s latest single Warm Animal we could feel that similarity. The way the vocals are super melodic and perfectly built with a catchy and embracing melody are the main traces of some excellent indie-pop song. But that’s not all. Warm Animal it’s true to its name and feels like a warm song that makes us feel like dancing, and not only there is nothing wrong about that, but also that’s all we need to love it without boundaries.

Have a nice week!!! 🙂