Petit Prince, UTO – Un écho dans le vent

Prepare yourself to wonder once again with the Petit Prince.

Petit Prince UTO

We always liked the Petit Prince. The book that is. But now the artist too. Described as discreet but essential, this Petit Prince (Little Prince in French) also sounds like a specialist in making us wonder and travel around our heads. Described as the guy behind every production, the counselor, the mentor, the advisor, this French guy who makes “songs of the human genre” really surprised us.

Un écho dans le vent is the name of a masterpiece. Yes. Really. A masterpiece. But also the first track of his EP released two days ago that goes by the name of Je vous embrasse (in English “I give you a kiss”) . One we are yet to properly digest. If we explain that we took the entire today’s’ day listening to this, we are properly describing how obsessed we are about it. So we can expect something really special to happen with the full EP.

Melancholic and psychedelic. Electronically evolving and ever involving (or the vice-versa). Un écho dans le vent is really an echo in the wind, but one that never goes away. One that calls us every single time, leaving us in a mix of surprise and wonder, just perplexed. Petit Prince sounds like a more indie version of Daft Punk. One that reinvents the typical French capacity of owning the electronic genre until it sounds like something else. A new genre. And don’t let yourself fool by the gorgeous, crystalline and sensible vocals in this (by UTO). They are as addictive as a proper fable.

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