People Planet – Three singles out and a growing talented band

A teenage quartet is here to implement their own groovy jazzy rock-ish style and here we drop their first three singles ever.

People Planet AW

They are four teenagers from Kentucky, and the truth is that we could’ve expected everything but never something like this. Daisy Helmuth started the band after earning some attention as a solo artist, inviting three friends to be part of it. From a couple of jams, they started shaping their style and a groovy pop-blues began to make sense.

It’s not easy to believe that People Planet‘s first song, Rehab, was written and performed when Daisy was only 16, even though it sounds much more pop in the beginning, it grows on the chorus, turning into a 90’s rock-ish song. The way it was recorded, we can notice some extra elements and echo and that’s what brings genuineness to their first song ever, including some clichés on the melody and claps here and there. Actually, Daisy’s voice is so pure that we forget about everything else.

Proving that, is their second single Come a Little Closer, a song coming closer to their pop-blues style. The band sound more mature and with no rush at all, playing in a sensual and chill groove, in some kind of pin-up jazzy-ish revival. Even the lyrics combine perfectly with the instrumental in this mature and sexy mood. The song is not a complex one but definitely gives all the prottagonism to the vocals.

In fact, Helmuth’s voice is probably the ace of spades of this quartet. In Moment Of Silence she puts her heart out and sings with her full lungs. The band seems to be always in perfect harmony with the vocal melody, it’s great to hear it as the song grows and is taken to its peak. Indeed it transpires the feeling we all have when we reach that moment that all we need is silence, even if only for a minute. This track is a powerful one from the very first second and it reminds of a young Joss Stone, energetic, lovable and soulful.

What has left us amazed by People Planet is the way they have actually increased their notion of space in their music and how they’re setting their own pop-jazzy style. We definitely will pay close attention to what this teenage quartet will make from now on and you should do the same!

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